Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer is finally here, and we're finally 5 and a HALF!

Monday, we got to go play at Ron & Carol's again while Mom & Dad played volleyball. Again, we were the only kids there, but we still had a fun time.

Tuesday was our HALF BIRTHDAY! We are very excited to be FIVE AND A HALF now!
We had a special supper (daddy made mostacciolli). After supper, we went to the raspberry bush and checked it out. We picked LOTS of black raspberries and got to eat them. They were so delicious!

We also got to open presents. Mommy & Daddy gave us a few gifts because our birthday is so close to Christmas that they thought it would be nice to open some gifts now instead of all of our gifts in December. We each got a pack of new markers - I got Princess markers and Noah got Cars markers. I got a pretty pink necklace that is shaped like Mickey's head. It's beautiful! Noah got what he's wanted since Decmber - a Finn McMissile car! He got another car with it, but he was happiest about Finn from Cars 2. We also each got a new Tshirt from Walt Disney World. Mine is pink with Mickey Mouse & jewels all over. Noah's is blue with Mickey, Donald & Goofy. We sure love Disney!

Wednesday, we had karate again on our regular night. We had a good night at karate. So good, we even got to have Little Ceasar's Pizza!

Thursday we finally got a break from the rain and could play outside at daycare. It's been a really rainy week. It was a perfect day for tennis at our sports sampler. We had a lot of fun and are pretty good at it. I did a good job at hitting the ball to the coach, and Noah was really getting the hang of hitting the ball to daddy most of the time, too. It's been a really fun class to learn all sorts of different games. I can't wait to find out what we'll do next week for our last class! Maybe it will be volleyball. Noah and I are really good at volleyball. :-)

We also got to eat Mickey Mouse shaped caramel apples that Mommy made. She made some treats for a church bake sale and said she wanted to try making Mickey shaped caramel apples. They were just chocolate covered without decoration, but they were cool! She said we could eat them, and we were excited! I didn't like the chocolate coating, and they were kind of messy to eat. But, Mommy cut mine up for me, so it was easier to eat. I think I'll stick to regular apples next time, but they sure looked cute!

Friday, we played outside a long time before supper. We ate chicken & corn on the cob on the deck for supper, then I got to take a motorcycle ride! I helped Daddy drop off some treats for the church bake sale, then we went to Dairy Queen to meet Noah & Mom. We were looking for Megan, our daycare provider's daughter, but she wasn't working. bummer. I ate half my blizzard while Daddy talked to a guy from volleyball that he hadn't seen in a long time, then I rode home with Mommy while Daddy took Noah home on the motorcycle.

Saturday morning, Mom & Dad wanted to get up and leave for the lake right away, but then they made us clean up our room and play area before we got to leave. That took too long, so we didn't get going very fast. On our way out of town, we stopped at the farmer's market. We walked around for a little while before we saw Callie from Preschool. She was my best friend at school. I loved her! Her mommy & my mommy took each other's numbers so maybe we can set up a playdate with her sometime! Wouldn't that be awesome!?

The lake is a long way away, so mommy & daddy packed some sandwiches to eat on the way there. Mommy gave me my sandwich with a juice box and goldfish crackers. She told me it was peanut butter & jelly, but I didn't see any goober grape jelly on my sandwich. I kept telling her I didn't see any jelly, but she told me it was there. I  almost cried when I told her "It's just a salad with a tomato!" She almost JUMPED out of her seat! She said "Honey, you have my BLT!" She accidentally gave me the wrong sandwich! I was more than willing to switch with her and the next sandwich she gave me was goober grape & Peanut butter. Daddy & Mommy laughed at me, but I didn't think it was funny to give me a salad sandwich. I don't like salad.

When we got to the lake, we got to swim with Ben & Lauren. They were with Angie while everyone else was gone. When Grandpa & Jason got back from town, they put the boat in the water and we all got to tube! Noah went first. He loves to tube. I went with Lauren. It wasn't very fun for me, except for the times when Grandpa went slow. I liked riding in the boat much better. After Noah took another turn, Lauren had fun going by herself so Grandpa could go faster.

After the lake, we decided to build a ring for the fire and set up the campfire. We built a ring of logs, then went to find some big rocks to make a campfire ring. Unfortunately, the rocks we found in the driveway were kind of small. But, Mommy & Angie said they would come down to the lake and help us get big rocks. With the big rocks, the campfire ring looked really nice!

After supper, we got to have a campfire and s'mores! The firewood was a little bit wet, so it wasn't the best fire, but we still got some s'mores and had some fun singing campfire songs. (Grandma was singing some weird song, but we all wanted to sing the "I like to Move it Move it" song from Madagascar!)

After the campfire, we all went to bed downstairs in the bunk beds. All four of us wanted to sleep on the bottom bunk, so Mommy & Angie put the bed from the top bunk on the floor. It worked perfectly! There was room for all 4 of us to sleep!

This morning, we got up and left early so mommy could work on the deck at home. She said it needed to be sealed from water damage. We were really tired, so while she did that, I took a 2 hour nap while Noah rested quietly. What an exhausting weekend!

We're looking forward to next week when we get to spend a week at Grandma & Grandpa's house because daycare will be closed all week. Until then, we'll enjoy playing with our friends at Sue's house!

Have a good week!

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