Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We had a fun week!

Monday, we stayed home with Daddy because Sue was closed. We were very good for daddy while he worked and we played quietly and watched a movie.
Mommy came home to sign some papers at lunchtime, so we took her out to lunch at Wendy's. It was so cool to have a family lunch!
After we had some supper, Daddy took us to Ron & Carol's to play while he and mommy played volleyball. It was fun day.

Wednesday, Daddy picked us up early, brought us to McDonald's and we went to the Maple Grove Maze to play. A whole bunch of new kindergarteners from Beacon Academy (our new school next year) were there, so we got to meet some new friends who we will be going to school with. I was playing so hard, I was sweating. It was awesome.

Thursday, we had our sports sampler class. It was SO EXCITED to play tee-ball! I really wanted to play baseball, but daddy and mommy both said tee-ball is close to baseball. I was bummed when it was raining all afternoon, but when we got to the field, there was a note that said we would play in the gym where we had our volleyball class. So, we went to play tee-ball in the gym. We both had fun - we were really good at throwing, batting and running. My favorite part was hitting. Hannah's favorite part was throwing the ball.

Friday night when we got home, Daddy took me to the store to buy a chicken for supper. He also let me pick out a mango. I LOVE mango so much. Daddy cut it up SO cool - it was perfect little cubes, and they were so delicious.

Since our teachers were unable to teach on Wednesday, our Soo Bahk Do class was rescheduled to Saturday morning. We got up Saturday for class, ate some breakfast (Mommy brought us some juice & yogurt, and Daddy made us eggs & toast, so we had a big, nutritious breakfast!). When we got to class, there were just big kids & adults in the gym. Only one other kid from our class came, so it was really strange. Just as we started to do our kicks with the bigger kids, our regular teacher came in with fun stuff! We did some kicks and punches with her, then she brought us some games to help us with our coordination. It was really cool to have just 3 of us there for Ms. Laura to teach!

After we got home, we changed our clothes, then went back out to do stuff around town. We went to the camera store so they could clean one of mom & dad's camera lenses. They had some really cool stuff there, but our favorite was the M&M guys statue that had M&M's in it! The guy said we could have one. After the camera store, we went to the Hitching Post. We wanted to give Daddy a new motorcycle helmet for Father's Day. He tried a few on. (and so did we! My favorite was a red one that looked like it had bullet holes, Hannah's favorite was a purple one with flowers.) Daddy found a cool black one that he loved while we looked at the bikes and "tested" the 4-wheelers in the showroom. We even got balloons! I got a red one and Hannah got a green one. We LOVE balloons!

After that, we ate pizza at Sam's Club before shopping there. I hate shopping and wanted to go home. I was SO bored-and mad at Hannah because she kept touching me!

When we got home, we had some quiet time in our rooms while we read books. We were able to just play with legos, do word searches and hang out the rest of the day. I love being home.

We have been SO EXCITED about today! It's father's Day! We made daddy key holders and decorated them just for him. We were very excited to give them to him. I gave him a volleyball/sports themed key holder, and Hannah decorated hers purple & yellow - Vikings colors! We also made him cards. We have the greatest Daddy! He loved the present we gave him. Mommy gave him a card, too. It had pictures from Disneyworld, so it was fun to look at the pictures on his card.

Dad took us to breakfast when we got up, then we played outside for a while. We spent a pretty fun day just hanging out at home all day. It rained in the afternoon, so it was a perfect day to play with cars, do more word puzzles and for Hannah to play with her princess castle.

Happy Father's Day to our Daddy and Grandpas.

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