Sunday, June 10, 2012

Exciting May!

May was such an exciting month for us!
We were pretty bummed when Grandma & Grandpa took Cheyenne the first weekend of May, but the next Tuesday morning, Mom & Dad woke us up early and surprised us by telling us we were going to DisneyWorld!

It was such an awesome trip.

We left Tuesday. We flew to Orlando and took Disney's magical express to our hotel. It was a really cool place. After we settled into our room, we checked out the pool for a while. Then we got dressed and took the bus to the train and then took the train to Chef Mickey's. It was so awesome! We got great food and Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & Donald came around to our table to take pictures with us.

Wednesday, we went to the Animal Kingdom. We got to go on an African Safari, an Asian animal tour, we had dinner with Donald (Mickey, Goofy & Daisy were there, too). We met Rafiki, rode a train and saw lots of cool animals.
After we got back to our hotel room, we left again to go to downtown disney. We rode a boat there, and got to see the Lego Store and the big lego dragon outside the lego store.

Thursday, we went to the Magic Kingdom. Noah and Daddy went  on Space Mountain right away. Noah was really scared by it. But, we LOVED Monsters Inc. Laugh floor, Buzz's Space Ranger Spin and lots of other rides. We also got to meet Mickey, Minnie, the Fairy Godmother, a bunch of princesses. We saw the parade, too. It was so fun! We had supper at a beautiful restaurant where Pooh, Tigger, Piglet & Eeyore came to our table and took pictures with us.

Friday we took the day off. We went back to Downtown Disney to do some shopping. We got to go to the Lego Store and the Biggest Disney Store we've ever seen! We also got to ride a golf cart to a play area and have ice cream, too.

Saturday, we went to Hollywood Studios. We got to meet a bunch more characters. Daddy rode the Star wars ride (it was too scary for us). We saw the Muppets, Lightning McQueen, and a bunch more. We got to eat supper at a table that was shaped like a car, and we watched old movies and cartoons while we were eating. It was yummy! Then we went to an animation class and learned to draw Piglet.

Sunday, we got up and went on a Pirate Adventure. It was so fun! We went by ourselves - Mommy & Daddy stayed back at the hotel while we went on our Pirate Adventure. We even found pirate treasure! After the Pirate adventure we rode a bike built for 4 (Mom & Dad pedaled, we rode in the seat in the front) around the resort. We spent the rest of the day relaxing at the hotel - coloring and swimming, then we went out to eat at the restaurant near where the pirate adventure was. It was yummy.

Monday was Daddy's birthday. We went to Epcot. It was so cool! Right away, we rode the ride in the big golf ball. It was really cool. Not scary like Space Mountain. We got to see more characters & get more autographs & photos. We got to see different countries, as well as really cool plants shaped like Disney Characters. Our favorites were the ones shaped like princesses and the one shaped like Lightning & Mater. We had supper with a bunch of princesses at a Norwegian restaurant. They even served Daddy a birthday cupcake with a card signed by all the princesses. We also got to ride through some cool rides that taught us some cool lessons: a greenhouse that grew some pretty cool stuff with very little soil, and an under-the-sea adventure with Nemo. We ended that one by getting to talk to Crush (the turtle from Nemo). He talked to both of us and Daddy! After we talked to Crush, we saw the fireworks before we went back to our hotel room.

Tuesday was our last day at the parks.  We slept in and went back to the Magic Kingdom. We had a few things that we didn't get to see on Thursday, in addition to riding Buzz's Space Ranger Spin and the People Mover again. There's so much to see! Disneyworld is such a cool place. The highlight of Tuesday was supper at Cinderella's Royal Table (though Daddy's favorite part was that we got to meet Merida, the newest Disney Princess on our way to Cinderella's Royal Table. Her movie, Brave, comes out in mid-June.) Cinderella's Royal Table was phenomenal. They treated Noah like a prince, Hannah like a princess and Daddy even got royal treatment because they still considered him the birthday boy! After Cinderella's Royal Table, we got to drive Race Cars, see the magical Lights parade, watch a COOL laser display on the castle and stayed to watch Wishes, the Fireworks show around the castle.

We had so much fun at Disneyworld, we can't wait to go back! But, we were very happy to get home. We flew back home on Wednesday. When we got home, Noah kissed his bed and stayed in bed for 2 hours because he was so happy to be home!

We went back to Sue's and work on Thursday & Friday, then Friday night after we got back from Disney, we went to the lake. It was cold, but Grandma, Grandpa, Angie, Lauren, Ben, Dani & Jason were all there. We got to get Cheyenne and bring her home. We missed her, but she was on vacation at Grandma & Grandpa's while we were on Vacation at DisneyWorld.

After a busy weekend at the lake, we had one more day of school: our last day of school. It was sure a busy month of May! But, it was so awesome.

Noah & Hannah

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