Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hmm...we haven't been here to blog lately. We have been having fun with Mommy & Daddy lately. Last week, we got to go out and play in the snow. However, since Mommy was on the sidewalk and in the driveway chipping ice off the concrete, we wanted to be with her, so we played in the snow for a little while, then played in her car for a while. I even got to slide down a snow hill on my butt. Fun!
We got to go to a party last weekend. There were a few other kids to play with, but the best part was that we got to stay up really late and stayed awake for the WHOLE ride home! We didn't go to sleep until 10 o'clock - 2 hours past our bedtime.
Noah has still been wearing underwear, but forgets to go potty sometimes, so he wets his pants a little before he goes into the bathroom. Now if he would just poop in the potty instead of his underwear, he'd be big like me. Pew!
We got to watch a little bit of the Vikings game tonight after supper. Go Vikes! We hope they win!
Have a fun week - we will!

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