Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It's been a while since we have blogged. We've been busy trying to stay warm!
After all that snow over Christmas, the weather calmed down and we drove to Grandma & Grandpa's a few days later. We were so excited to see Grandma & Grandpa, our aunts, cousins & uncle.
On New Year's Day, Mommy made us Cookie Monster & Elmo cupcakes to celebrate our birthday with our cousins. We got to open presents and have cupcakes, but Hannah had too many cupcakes. She didn't feel good and was sick all night Friday. She didn't feel very good on Saturday, but was able to play a little bit with Noah, Lauren & Ben. We got to play with our cousins in the afternoon, then opened all our Christmas presents. Wow! We got so much fun stuff! Fun toys, cool clothes, Christmas tree ornaments.We were wiped out after all that! Hannah actually fell asleep during supper, and Noah sat up and watched a movie and played with some of Ben's new toys (Thanks Ben!) while Mommy & Daddy opened presents. We were bummed to have to go on Sunday. But, Great Grandma came over to see us just before we left.
Noah started potty training at daycare last week. He has been really good - he's stayed dry most of the time except for naptime. Pretty soon he'll be wearing underwear! Hannah has been wearing underwear for a long time, and recently decided she's such a big girl that she doesn't even need to use the potty ring when she sits on the big potty.
We went to the doctor this morning. We weren't sick, but Mommy and Daddy woke us up really early and made us go anyway. Noah wasn't cooperative - he just wanted to cuddle with Mom or Dad and didn't want the doctor to touch him, but Hannah was hamming it up for the doctor and nurse. They gave Hannah a hearing test and vision test. They showed us a chart with different sized pictures and asked us what the pictures were, but we both showed off by telling her what all the letters were on her letter chart. (We didn't need that silly picture chart - we know our ABCs!) Noah didn't want to wear the headphones or the special glasses (they made Hannah look like a pirate, and Noah kept calling her a pirate!) to do the tests. But the doctor said we're probably seeing & hearing OK since we can talk so well. Unfortunately, the mean nurse gave us both shots and they hurt more than they've ever hurt before! Noah went first, so Hannah got to see the nurse stick needles in him. By the time it was Hannah's turn, she was already crying before they gave her any shots!
Well, it's late and we are tired after a long day. Happy New Year!
Noah & Hannah

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