Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spirit Week

At the end of January, Noah participated in a fishing derby with the Cub Scouts.

Fishing on Medicine Lake with the Cub Scouts

He won the contest with the largest fish of the day: an 11" perch!

Noah with his winning fish

It was a fun day. Noah enjoyed fishing, and Dad enjoyed being able to help teach others to ice fish.

The next week at school was spirit week at school. Spirit week is our favorite week at school! We get to dress up in all sorts of fun out-of-uniform stuff for the week while we raise money and have penny wars with other classes to raise money for cancer patients.

The week before Spirit Week, Hannah and her friend set up a time to go shopping for matching tops so they can be twins on Twin Day for Spirit Week. She had so much fun shopping and playing with her friend! Hannah and her friend thought it was really funny when the salesperson asked if they were twins when they were shopping for matching tops. Hannah's friend's mother explained that they were NOT twins, but Hannah DID have a twin brother at home.

Unfortunately, she didn't get to see Daddy's friend Eric, who came to visit from Maryland, but she loved playing with her best friend!

Monday was Spirit Day, We got to wear clothes to support our favorite team or cause or whatever we wanted! Noah wore his Twins t-shirt and his Minnesota Wild sweatshirt. Hannah wore her Alexandria Beetles shirt with her Gophers Sweatshirt. Noah said there were a few Wild supporters in his class, and Hannah said there were a couple of other Gopher fans in her class.

Tuesday was Twin Day. Hannah had been looking forward to this for weeks.
She and her best friend had gone to Old Navy to get matching shirts & scarves, planned to wear skinny jeans and matching ribbons in their hair, and even matching boots.

With her Best Friend on Twin Day

Noah took the opportunity on TWIN day to wear his Tori Hunter baseball jersey. He was pretty excited to find that the baseball jersey mom bought for him at a thrift store suddenly became cool when the Twins acquired Tori Hunter 2 weeks after he got his jersey!

The Twins on Twin Day

Hannah loves her puppy

Wednesday was Mismatched & Wacky Hair day. Noah decided his uniform was wacky enough - he almost wore a tie with it, but decided to wear his uniform since a few of his friends were also wearing theirs that week. Hannah, of course, decided go all out! She found as many colors & prints as she could find in her drawer to look like a crazy dresser!

Mismatched & Wacky Day...Hannah chose to be Wacky & mismatched, Noah chose not to be wacky at all.

Thursday was Throwback Thursday! Noah decided to dress like a 1980's rock band groupie in his jeans and rock band t-shirt. Hannah took the 80's seriously in her oversized neon t-shirt, leggings, big hair bow and leg warmers.

Rocking throwback Thursday

Friday was pajama day. Pajama day is always our favorite dress up day! We earned reading time with a blanket & stuffed animal, too so it was a really fun day.

Ready for pajama day with blankets & stuffed animals

It was a fun week. Unfortunately, our classes did not win the penny wars, but we enjoyed dressing up.

Noah & Hannah

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