Sunday, February 1, 2015


January flew by!

Our first weekend of January was our last weekend of winter break.We had taken down the Christmas decorations on New Year Day, so there was not much Christmas left in our house.

Noah & Dad went to start working on Noah's pinewood derby car on Saturday morning (Jan. 3). They got his car planned and cut at a woodshop in Apple Valley, then spent the afternoon at Dad's friend's house (of course, Dad is good friends with the Cub Scout Den Master) sanding and working on the car a little bit more.

Marking out the shape of his Pinewood Derby Car before cutting

While Noah was away, Hannah took an opportunity to use some of her new Christmas gifts. She sewed a few things on her new sewing machine. She also started working on a new chandelier decoration for her room.

The next day was all about Mom. It was her birthday. We checked out a church service close to our house, then we went to Cub so we could make Mom's choice: Wild Rice Soup.

Making wild rice soup with Dad

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

We got Cheyenne back the day after we got home from Arkansas. She is happy to be home - and we're happy to have her! She didn't take much time to get comfortable at home.

Comfy, cozy Cheyenne

And, Hannah spent some time working on one of her Christmas gifts: a chandelier for her room. She decorated it herself.

Putting together her Chandelier

We were ready to go back to school on Monday. We missed our friends!

Unfortunately, our week was cut short because it was cold enough on Wednesday to cancel school. Mom & Dad both had meetings at work that they couldn't miss, so we got to go stay with mom's friend Renee. It was fun to hang out with her, but her kids got to go to school so it was just her and us. Since it was Renee's kids' birthday (she has twins, too), we got to visit one of her daughters at school for lunch. It was fun to visit her school. (It was a really nice school.) Hannah even helped to make a birthday cake for the girls.

The weather cleared up enough for Dad & Noah to enjoy polar camp on the 10th. They had so much fun! Even though they played games outside all day, they had a great time!

Ready for Polar Camp!

Tubing at Polar Camp

Hannah got to hang out with Mom at her volleyball tournament while Noah & Dad were at camp. One of Mom's teammates got injured really bad, so Mom's team didn't have their best day. (And there were no kids at the tournament, so it wasn't the best day for Hannah to be at a tournament.) Hannah did get to bump and play some volleyball with mom, though. And, it was a whole day to play Kindle and read while Mom played ball.

After we got home, we all went to Lars & Juanita's house for dinner. We got to play video games with their son, and fell asleep there after a long day. It was fun night!

The next week, we got to help Daddy do some pushups.
Do you think we looked helpful?

Work it, Dad!
Hannah also got to start volleyball with the Park & Rec Department on Saturday. She loved it in the fall. She was put on the waiting list when Mom signed her up late this winter, but luckily got in! She was so excited to get to play volleyball.

We also helped Daddy by helping him with meals. The weekend of the 18th, Noah helped plan the entire weekend of meals. (It also helped him earn a belt loop for Scouts)

Making Tater Tot Hotdish for the family

Hannah made the most of the warm weather and the snow in our backyard.

Do you wanna build a snowman? It was too nice to stay inside!

It's been a fun January of warm & cold, but it's gone fast!

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