Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec 1-7

We had a great Thanksgiving!

When we got back home, we got to extend our weekend with Monday off school. We hung out with Daddy, ran errands and got to spend some downtime at home. Hannah spent a lot of time starting to learn to play Jingle Bells on the Piano.

Friday after school, Mom & Dad brought us to Pump It Up for a fun night of jumping, bouncing, pizza and a craft project. It was a fun night.

Saturday, Noah & Dad ran some errands while Hannah & Mom ran errands. Dad took Noah to Menards then to Target to buy a Christmas gift for Hannah. Hannah & Mom went to Target to buy a gift for Noah.

When we got home, Noah & Dad finished his Cub Scout Napkin Holder and started his Cub Scout Gift Exchange Project.

Hannah started to learn to sew and sewed a pillow (with Mom's help) for her dole. Hannah cut out the fabric, pinned it, Mom sewed it on her machine & Hannah stuffed & finished the pillow by hand.

Hannah sewing a pillow for her doll.

Sunday, after Sunday School, we stopped by to visit our old neighborhood. We got to say hi to Roger but Sharon was working. So, we stopped by Griffin's house and played with him while Mom & Dad talked to Melissa for a little while. Then we ate at Pizza Ranch for lunch. Our favorite! But, we were so full.

Sunday afternoon, Hannah painted while Noah finished his Cut Scout gift exchange project.

Sunday afternoon - Noah finishing his Cub Scout gift and Hannah painting a picture

Tomorrow, Noah is excited to go with his Cub Scout Pack to the TV station for Toys for Tots. Hannah is jealous, but excited to see Noah on TV.

And, Noah is looking forward to his CubScout Gift exchange later this week.

The Angry Bird Game Noah made out of tin cans & a tennis ball
Have a good week!
Noah & Hannah

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