Monday, December 29, 2014

Cub Scout Pot Luck

Hannah loves to go to Target whenever mom or dad go. She's very helpful when shopping, but also likes to see all the new fun stuff at Target. She found a photo spot to sit with Bullseye, the Target dog, so mom had to take her picture.

The Cub Scout Pot Luck was the 11th of December. It's been a really busy month since then!

It was fun to have some food and a fun meeting with my den! Then we shared our collections (I forgot mine) and exchanged gifts! We did a game where we listened to a story & passed our gifts around. I ALMOST got my Angry Birds game, but the boy next to me ended up with it.

I was so excited. my gift was REALLY BIG! I opened it, and was even more excited. I got a rubber band gun!

Pretty awesome, right? Then, the den leader passed out our Pinewood Derby Cars. I can't wait to make mine!

We get to go make our cars in January. I am excited!

It's been a busy December with school, getting our Greek projects ready for school and packing up and getting ready for our birthday and Christmas!

Happy December!

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