Sunday, November 18, 2012

School Carnivals, princess parties and volleyball

Monday night, we got to go with Daddy & Mommy to watch them play volleyball! We stayed in the hall and played, but still LOVED going to volleyball with them!

Noah had a bad week at school last week so he had to go to bed 15 minutes earlier all week. That gave me 15 minutes to read my chapter book with Mommy & Daddy. I've been reading a book called Lucky Star, but it was a little hard for me. When we came home from gymnastics on Wednesday, Mommy had gone to the library and picked out three new chapter books for me: a book called "the Tiarra Club", a Barbie novel, and Franny K. Stein, mad scientist. I was so excited to read the new books! I started with Barbie because I LOVE Barbie! She got Noah a Ninjago book and 2 Star Wars chapter books to read. He was so excited because he gets to read them when I'm at dance on Thursdays.

Thursday, he started on Ninjago but decided it was a little too hard. He preferred to read Star Wars books. We did ballet the whole time, so we got to show off our ballet dance to our parents. Daddy loved it! He was so sad he didn't record it on the iPad for Mommy. She's gotten to see my tap dance, but not my ballet this year.

Friday, Mommy picked us up and we went to Target to get a birthday gift for my friend Payton. I have been looking forward to her party since I got the invitation two weeks ago! After Target, we went home, changed our clothes and went back to school for the School Carnival. It was so much fun! We saw all our friends there, ate pizza, drank juice and played games. We had so much fun playing the games and getting new prizes at every game. We had yummy treats, too. I got cotton candy and Noah got ice cream. We also saw our babysitters there. We LOVE them! We got to hug them and say hi. We got home late and went to bed late, but it was so much fun!

Saturday was a really busy day! Mommy had a volleyball tournament with her Divas, so she left early for volleyball. My friend from dance, Abbey, came over to play with me in the morning, so we played dress up, Barbies, drew and colored. It was a fun morning! After she left, I hurried to get ready for my friend Payton's birthday party. The invitation said to wear a princess dress, so I had my princess dress, tiarra, gloves, tights and shoes all laid out and ready to wear. Mommy had even put curlers in my hair the night before, so my hair was pretty and curly!

We left early so daddy could get me to the party early, but we lost the invitation, so we had a hard time finding my friend's house! Luckily, Daddy had looked up the address on the iPad, so he found the address, but his GPS broke so we were a little late once we found my friend's house. I was excited to be there! We made tiarras, played in a tent and had cupcakes!

Since I was late to my party, Noah was a little bit late to volleyball. He was very nice and understanding. And, when he got to volleyball, he tried very hard and jumped REALLY high to spike the ball! After volleyball, Daddy got him a special treat at McDonald's and came to pick me up at my party.
Mommy came home late from her games and helped us shower before we went to bed. It was a busy day, so we fell asleep quickly!

This morning, we had Sunday School. We talked about angels and the Angel that came to Mary. We even got to put up the barn with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the animals and the angel during class. It was a fun class - especially because we did a fun hidden picture game before we colored. Then we got to play in the nursery while Mommy & Daddy talked to their friends.

This afternoon, we went to the mall to have our pictures taken. We only did a family picture, not Noah & me alone. Mommy curled my hair to look pretty. And, while we waited for the picture to be done, we got a snack at Auntie Annie's and played in the play area.

It was a fun weekend. We have a short week at school, then are looking forward to Thanksgiving vacation at Grandma & Grandpa's house!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving this week!

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