Sunday, November 11, 2012

Great weekend with Angie, Grandpa & Grandma!

We've been very excited all week. Monday, Mommy told us that she and Daddy were going to play a volleyball tournament on Saturday and Angie would come stay with us!

Hannah had one more dentist appointment to get fillings in her mouth. I got on the bus without her and she went to Camp Smile on Thursday morning. Her & Mommy followed the bus all the way to our last stop while they were on their way to Camp Smile. Hannah got 3 little dinosaurs as a prize! I wondered where mine were when mommy gave them to her, but Mommy told me that she got them from the dentist and maybe she would share one with me so we could play dinosaurs together.

Thursday night we made a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign for Angie because we knew she was coming the next night. The next morning, we decorated our bedroom with streamers that Mommy bought.

Friday after school, Mommy picked us up, we stopped at home to get a couple of things we wanted to give to Sue and went to Sue's house to see her! She was outside when we went to see her, so she was really excited to see us and hug us! We both love Sue and miss her a lot. We even got to go downstairs and see all our friends. It was so much fun to see Sue, her family and all our daycare friends. We even got to see the new puppy before we left at 5 o'clock. Then we quickly went home and cleared off the table because Angie got to our house just in time to eat supper with us!

It was my idea to make her a birthday pie instead of cake (because she LOVES apple pie) and to throw her a surprise birthday party the next time we saw her. So, she was surprised to see the birthday sign we made and even more surprised to see the apple pie that Mommy made for her birthday!

I got to try apple pie for the first time and I LOVED it! Hannah didn't like it so daddy ate her pie for her. At bedtime, we got to pick a book from Angie's iPad, so we got to have a fun bedtime story.

When we got up the next morning, we were quiet so Angie could sleep. But Mommy & Daddy were up to get ready for their tournament. When we got done with our morning lists, GRANDPA MARK came down the stairs! I was so excited I didn't know what to do until Daddy asked me who was on the couch and reminded me to hug him. Hannah and I were both SO excited to see Grandpa & Grandma!

I read to Grandpa and even FINISHED my Captain Underpants book. We went to volleyball and Grandpa and Grandpa and Angie told us we were SO much better than when they watched us last spring. Then we went to Sam's Club and Target. It as a great day! We even called Aunt Dani to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Mommy & Daddy came home for supper after their tournament. They had a fun time, but Daddy hurt his back while he was playing.

Today we went to Sunday School. Grandma & Grandpa didn't come with us since we just went to Sunday School and came home. It was a great day hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa - Grandma played legos with me and Barbies with Hannah, Grandpa watched the Vikings with Angie & Dad. We were really sad when they went home. We can't wait until Thanksgiving to see them again!

Have a good week!

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