Monday, July 19, 2010

We had baseball pictures last week. We both practiced with the team, got new hats and smiled nice for our pictures. Daddy was so proud - he bought pictures! We have one more week of baseball - we're bummed. Just as we are starting to get into it, it's over.
The weekend was exciting.
Saturday, Dylan came over to play with us. Mommy & Daddy were working outside painting the house with 3 other people, and someone else cleaned up our house while we played inside. After we got up from our naps, the outside of our house was a different color! It had started to rain, so Mommy & Daddy were done painting. Our house is not green anymore.
Mommy asked me what color I thought it looked like - cream, yellow or white. I told her I thought it was cream because cream rhymes with green!
Mom & Dad took us to Dylans & Trevor's house to watch movies and eat supper. Dylan was gone, but Trevor played with us. Noah and I got scared when there were sirens, lightning and the sky looked funny. So, Mommy and Juanita took us kids downstairs and we made Christmas trees! They are sooo cool! Even Noah got into it. (He doesn't normally have a lot of patience for crafts). We also made animals out of molding clay. It was fun. Finally after all the really hard rains and strong winds, we fell asleep at their house. What a fun, exciting night!
It's been so nice the past 2 nights, that we've eaten outside on our new deck. I think Cheyenne likes it, too, because she can sit next to the table and not get in trouble for being in the kitchen.
We're really trying to learn rhyming lately. Grandma bought us a rhyme train game that we like to play with. We always tell Mom what words rhyme when we're playing with her.
And, I LOVE dresses! Whenever Mommy lays a dress out for me to wear for the day, I'm so happy. I even like them at night - nightgowns are my favorite. Noah doesn't have any and he doesn't want a nightgown. He likes boy stuff - dinosaurs, racecars and trains. I like trains, too, but I also love taking care of my babies, playing store with a pretend credit card and dressing up like a princess.
It's getting late. We have our last day of baseball tomorrow. I'd better get rested up so I can show off my baseball skills!

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