Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hannah got her first haircut yesterday. She was very good. She sat in the chair, looked up and down when the stylist asked her to. It looks very nice, although her baby curls are now gone.
Noah, on the other hand, screamed and squirmed and had to be held down by 2 people when he got his hair cut...We wish we knew why he won't let anyone touch his hair. He told us he didn't want his hair cut and tried to avoid a haircut. The stylist was supposed to trim it a little, but she cut A LOT off. Hopefully it grows out and looks better by the time he gets his three year pictures taken on his birthday!
Noah and Hannah loved the snow we have now. But, they aren't used to the cold yet, so they haven't had a chance to play in the snow because the wind is too cold for all of us.
We hope it warms up soon so we can sled in the snow!

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