Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy weekend.

We miss Daddy! Not only are we excited to see our Daddy again, Mommy wears us out!
Saturday, we went to a Christmas party so we got to have snacks, see Santa, make a Christmas project, and decorate Gingerbread cookies (not to mention run around with other twins!). Then we came home and Mom tried to make us nap. Of course, we just talked in our room until she told us we could help her bake cookies. We made 2 different kinds - ones with chocolate kisses and cookies that we got to cut out and put lots of sugar on them before they went in the oven!
Sunday, we went to Sunday school, sang Christmas songs and saw all the animals on the altar, then to Target, then home to eat Mac & Cheese. Once again, we did not nap and so we watched a Christmas show and Sesame Street while Mommy wrapped presents. We really love Big Bird and Elmo!
Noah was funny on Sunday. Mommy asked him if he wanted more green beans (We both LOVE green beans!) and Noah said "YES!", so Mommy gave him more beans. He was swinging his fork, and said "Mommy, my fork is shaking his head no, but I said yes!" So Mommy told us that we are the boss of our forks, so we can tell our forks "YES! I want to eat green beans, and I'm the boss of you, fork!"
We were so busy, we hardly had time to play with our toys all weekend. It's OK, though because Hannah's toys were taken away for a day when she didn't pick them up. We're very anxious to see Daddy - Mommy said he'll be back tomorrow, so we can't wait for him to pick us up from daycare!

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