Sunday, August 23, 2009

We're trying to get back into our own routine.
Two weeks ago, Grandma and Grandpa and our aunts & uncle and cousins came to see us. We got to go the fireman's museum with them and play with trains (they didn't have Thomas the train, but they had some of his friends for us to play with). We also got to go swimming. It was raining to we couldn't go to our city's pool, but we got to go to one at Lauren & Ben's hotel and that was fun! Sunday, we went to the Children's museum. We were only 1 the last time we went, but this time we enjoyed it even more! We could spend all day there and STILL not see everything. What fun! Then we went down to the river for a picnic and Grandma & Grandpa took us home for a whole week. We had fun seeing Grandma & Grandpa for a whole week. Dani, Lauren & Ben came to see us for a couple of days, then Grandma & Grandpa took us to the lake at the end of the week. We got to see Angie on Friday. It was chilly & rainy so we really didn't get to play in the lake, but we were so happy to see Mom and Dad and Cheyenne when they came to get us on Saturday night that it didn't matter!
We went back to daycare this past week. Wednesday was tie-dye day! Sue let us pick our own colors to tie-dye our t-shirts and we each picked ALMOST the same colors! Just a small dot in the center of our shirts are different colors. We're working on getting back on our schedule. We stayed home with Daddy on Friday, then we drove up to a friend of Mommy & Daddy's lake cabin. There were other kids up there so we had fun. We helped shuck corn, we read with the other kids, we saw a movie, went on a boat ride and got to sleep in our new sleeping bags. We spent today at home - it's been a busy couple of weeks! Tomorrow, Grandma is going to stay home with us. We were so excited to see Grandma when she came tonight - tomorrow will be a blast! Have a good week - we will!

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