Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's so fun to see Noah & Hannah's development.
They easily sing their ABCs and count to 20 (although, they often miss #14, 15 and 19...).
Noah will tell you "N O A H spells Noah!" Hannah doesn't spell her name out loud, but is learning to write her name. She has mastered the letter "H" and "A", but the rest of the letters blend in as a bunch of lines.
Last night, Hannah was starting to make jokes. In the past, the kids have made each other laugh by making a funny face, gesture or making a funny noise. They love to make each other laugh, and to make Mom & Dad laugh. Last night, Hannah got Mom's car keys and made the horn "toot" when she hit the lock button. She looked at mom and said "Mom, I made your car go toot!" and laughed. She continued to laugh as she hit the lock and said "Your car tooted!" Then, she moved to "It farted!" and laughed when she would hit the lock. It's not terribly sophisticated humor, but it's neat to see her sense of humor moving from funny faces to telling jokes.
Recently, Noah & Hannah have been playing with small tonka trucks & cars. They have a flatbed that they call "Mac", and they call the red car "lightning McQueen", the blue car "Sally Sports Car" and the orange truck "Mater". Obviously their favorite movie is Cars! Every time we make a long drive, they get to watch Cars, and with all the trips we've taken this summer, we've had plenty of opportunity to watch it, along with other movies.

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