Sunday, April 19, 2015

Early March

March brought the last week of Hannah's volleyball. Four of the five weeks, Hannah did drills with her own age group, but then moved to playing a game with the older girls. Mom & Dad were pretty proud of her, and her brother was motivated to want to play volleyball next time, too.

In March, the second grade was in charge of the school assembly. We chose "quality use of time" as the character education trait for the school, so we were looking forward to spending a dedicated night of family time, "unplugged." We spend most of our nights without TV or electronics, but we were looking forward to getting to play a game that Hannah created for a school project.
We played Hannah's game one Sunday night after supper.

It was a fun game. We enjoyed a great night of family time, then read before going to bed. Harry Potter is our current book of choice, since we're signed up for a summer school class that requires "an interest in the first 3 Harry Potter books." We don't have to have read them, but we're REALLY interested in them!

The weather got nicer as the week went on.
By Friday it was nice enough for us to ride our bikes and scooters and draw on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.

We also got to "dig for dinosaurs." We each had a cup with a dinosaur in hardened plaster that we made in Science Explorers. We got to "dig" the dinosaur out by smashing our plaster cups to find the dinosaurs. That was pretty cool.

The next day was beautiful, too.
We got to play a little backyard volleyball with dad.

Dad helped Noah build an airplane model. (It was a wooden puzzle that he got as a prize at summer school.) It turned out pretty cool!

We had good friends over for supper. We went to daycare together, but we both moved away from Crystal 2 years ago, so it's nice to keep in touch. They brought pie, in honor of pi day - 3/14/14.

It's been a fun month so far! We're looking forward to spring break coming in a couple of weeks. We don't get to go anywhere fun, but we're busy enough that we do enjoy hanging out at home sometimes.

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