Sunday, January 5, 2014


Today in church, our pastor spoke about how the wise men's role in the story of Jesus, how Herod sent them to seek Jesus and how they had a dream to return to their own country by a different road because of King Herod. During the entire sermon, Hannah & Noah sat in the back of the church at the children's table coloring and reading.

While I gave him a bath, Noah told me all about how the wise men came to see Jesus. He told me that King Herod was very mad that Jesus was born and wanted to kill baby Jesus. He said that  Joseph had a dream that he should take his family to Egypt, but it would be OK. His family would be safe.

I asked him if he'd listened to Pastor Kristen during church. He told me "I couldn't understand Pastor Kristen. I mean, I CAN understand her, but I can't understand her when I'm in the back of the church. I read it in the beginner's bible."

Isn't it funny that he read about the story of Epiphany when that was the story the pastor spoke about?

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